Treat Yourself Better

Treat Yourself Better

Guard­ian says: ‘Gen­eral prac­tice is not the only alternative to hos­pital care’

I am also attach­ing a link to an art­icle from the Guard­ian that I hope will res­on­ate well with your teams think­ing and so I would be grate­ful if the link is cir­cu­lated to the teams look­ing at devel­op­ing joint work­ing primary care and with hos­pit­als and whole of primary care (not just sur­ger­ies).

It must be said that whilst there are isol­ated examples of new devel­op­ments, speak­ing to sec­ret­ar­ies of LDCs and LOCs, we get a feel­ing that most CCGs can­not see much bey­ond GP sur­ger­ies, although the policy makers and politi­cians say integ­ra­tion is important.


For more campaign information: 

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